The brand launches a new SkinPack line, with special cuts of meat.

Alegra comes from the gathering of cooperatives with a Dutch background – Frísia, Castrolanda, and Capal –, and has a history that has been very inspiring from the start. With a different look over the market, it puts modern processes and innovative concepts into practice. This is also the case when it comes to the adoption of procedures that excel on the processing of pork, as well as to the implementation of actions that promote and ensure responsibilities on the fields of social, environmental, energetic, and animal well-being.

Proof of that is the fact that the Alegra Industrial Meat Unit is the first Brazilian plant with an animal well-being certificate by PAACO, an institution capacitated for that certification within the country. Such a conquer must be shared with the whole market.

And in order to celebrate this date we announce firsthand some good news: the SkinPack packages line, coming with the special meat cuts of the new Premium Alegra line. A package that has met success in Europe for granting a great presentation of the product at the selling point and preserving all of the nutrients of special cuts – which exert an attraction that is hard to resist on their own.

The Premium Alegra line will have the cuts Prime Rib, Ribeye, T-Bone, English Sirloin, and Boneless Ribs. In order to make the selling point experience complete, the customer can also download an app, point the phone’s camera to the label on the package, and have access to exclusive content.