Products and projects developed in partnership with the cooperatives, keeping independent managements, are receiving our brand.

The companies Frísia, Castrolanda, and Capal, all of them from Paraná, have launched on November 10 the institutional brand Unium, which will be imprinted to all products available on retail and wholesale. Unium (a fusion of the words “união” and “um”) is attentive to the demands of the Brazilian market and shall be the cooperatives’ representative in the projects in which they act as a team.

Added Value

According to Renato Greidanus, CEO of Frísia Cooperativa Agroindustrial, based on Carambeí, Unium represents the alignment of goals. “We are cooperatives from Paraná and we are on the same area, our cooperated people are close one to another, we have similar goals and we always put quality above all else. The success of the intercooperation is a natural thing, and the creation of the Unium brand symbolizes the excellent results generated by our partnership.”

To Frans Borg, CEO of Castrolanda Cooperativa Agroindustrial, based on Casto, the industrialization of agricultural products generates gains for everybody involved in it, from the cooperated to the final customer, with a highlight to the absolute control of the chain, besides the guarantee of quality and safety of the foods. “The values of shared growth, transparency, and unconditional dedication to work are only a few of the similar principles that permeate our performance. The deep identification to its origins and to the agricultural business from Paraná have been fundamental in crowning this moment, when the cooperatives are announcing the launch of Unium to the market.”

Erik Bosch, CEO of Capal Cooperativa Agroindustrial, based on Arapoti, reminds us that the cooperatives have always kept their essence on work and industrialized products. “One of the several advantages of having Unium is that we work with a production that’s 100% our own. Besides making official a union that has been happening for a long time, with this intercooperation, the new brand is a fundamental step towards the increase of competitiveness of the local agricultural business.”